Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Minimum Order Quantity?

    The minimum order quantity is 2 pieces.

  2. How do I get my order?

    We ship the order to you by courier service.

  3. Are there additional costs for name tags with logo?

    Good question. The answer is Yes and No. Read on for clarification.

    Yes, you have to pay an artwork fee of SGD$10 if you do not have the appropriate vector file or if your logo in Bitmap Files is too low resolutions.

    Acceptable Image files: (.jpg , .gif, .png, .tif, .bmp), Photo Shop (.psd), PhotoPaint (.ppt)

    Image files that are embedded in a .doc or .pdf file may also be accepted if the embedded file is a vector file, or high quality bitmap file. You can send us the artwork as an attachment via email. Please note that it may not be possible to engrave or print all logos, images and colors. Our designers will review your artwork and advise you accordingly.

    No, there will be no additional charges for the logo if you have submitted your logo in vector file format.

    Vector art file formats accepted:
    Vector Files: Encapsulated postscript (.eps), Illustrator (.ai), CorelDraw (.cdr), or High resolutions Bitmap file format.

  4. What is the production time for my order?

    The lead time for Standard Orders is as follows:

    • DrNameTag Express : within 48 hours
    • Other custom made name tags with logo: 7-10 working days

    The standard production time for our designers to create an artwork proof is 2 days. If you require making changes to the artwork, please inform us by e-mailing the artwork with the changes clearly indicated. The standard artwork revision time is 1 working day. However, artwork revisions are usually within 4 hours.

  5. Are the prices quoted inclusive of delivery charges?

    No, all prices quoted are not inclusive of delivery, courier charge will base on your total quantity, minimum per shipment is SGD$15. Please refer to our Delivery Charges listed on website for more information

  6. Can DrNameTag design my name tag for me?

    Yes. Share your ideas with us and our designers can create a layout and design for your customized name tag. We will e-mail the proposed artwork to you for your approval before proceeding. The charge is from SGD$10 per artwork.

  7. What is Artwork Proof?

    When you order a custom product, a PDF Artwork Proof comprising of the layout and design will be emailed to you for approval. We need you to approve of the final artwork proof by signing and returning the Artwork Proof to in order for us to begin production of your product.

    There is no charge for this service. However, should you wish to receive your order earlier than the normal 7-10 working days quoted, please inform us as the lead time can be reduced (additional fees apply).

    You will not be charged until artwork has been approved and production WILL NOT begin until artwork approval and full payment have been received by DrNameTag

  8. Are there any Setup Fees for my order?

    If you order the standard shaped nametags, i.e., rectangular or square, there are NO setup fees. Setup fees will only be applied to nametags which we have to custom make into your desired shape, i.e. oblong, heart shaped, etc. In this instance, there will be a set up charge of SGD$30-$50, depending on the shape.

    Products that require customized designs and development time are subject to setup fees, depending on the type of product you are ordering.

    However, many of our products DO NOT incur setup fees. For repeat customers & re-orders, setup fees are greatly reduced and some are completely waived. Please call or Whatsapp our friendly Customer Service +60164161111 for further clarification.

  9. If I have my own logo for my name tag, what is the type of file format accepted?

    The quality of the name tags depends on the quality of the artwork submitted to us. An image from the internet (usually a .jpg, .png, or .gif saved at a resolution of 72 dpi) may look great on your monitor but it is not suitable for engraving.

    To obtain the best results possible, high quality image files (300 dpi or better) is recommended for full color printing. For best results, we recommend submitting all artwork as vector files (.eps, .ai,.cdr ) with all text converted to curves or outlines.

  10. What if I don’t have high quality artwork for my logo?

    Send us the artwork you have and we will advise you on the best way to proceed. Our designers can convert your artwork to a vector format and create a high quality artwork file for you.

    SGD$10 will be charged if our designers need to clean up or convert your logo into vector format. In this case, we WILL NOT provide a copy of the converted artwork to you.

  11. Can I get a sample before ordering?

    Yes, you can request to view a similar sample (without your logo) before ordering. Sample is free of charge; you only pay SGD$15 for courier charge.

    If you would like to view a sample with your own logo on it before making a bulk order, the charge is non-refundable of SGD$20-30 per piece plus SGD$15 of courier charges.

  12. Do my orders come with warranty?

    Yes. We strongly believe in quality and customer satisfaction. We use only high quality materials for all our products; that is why we can confidently guarantee that all our products are free from defects before we ship them to you. However, human error cannot be avoided; therefore, should there be cases of defects, we will replace the products based on a 1-to-1 guarantee. Terms & Conditions apply.

Tips on Name Tag Selection


How Do I Choose A Suitable Name Tag?

High staff turnover? Don’t want to be stuck with name tags that you can’t re-use because your staff has resigned and your current name tags has his or her name permanently etched on it? Can’t decide between plastic or metal tags?

Not to worry, whatever your dilemma, DrNameTag has the solution!

Here are some tips on selecting the right name tag.

Reusable Name Tags

For a quick DIY name tag, add names to these tags by simply printing the name on a piece of paper using your printer, cut it to size and insert it into the tag window. It’s that easy! Recommended for companies with high staff turnover.

Reusable name tags are available with or without logo and are available in Plastic and Metal.

Metal Name Tags

This is of the highest quality among the name tags. The finishing can be plated in 24K Gold or Nickel Silver, with various options of finishing and fastener.

Plastic Name Tags

Available in various colors of your choice, these plastic tags has a 2-ply top layer thickness of 1mm. The name is engraved on the top layer, revealing the color on the second layer, creating a two-color plastic name tag.

As these name tags are light and cost effective, they are suitable for use in the service sector.